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In drive mode, we are driving a car - so adding a property with the least amount of clicks possible is the goal.

There should be 2 modes for adding properties in the app.

-Drive Mode
-Not Drive Mode

When not in drive mode, the map should open zoomed in enough to add a property fast without having to switch to drive mode or pinch to zoom. It is too zoomed out. When not in drive mode, it is much more likely to be a One Off add - where skip trace, call, etc makes sense.

In drive mode, we add several properties in neighborhoods (not driving fast, but still driving), so the only real option should be whether or not we want to take a pic (that we will be using in the mailers). Having to read a list with 4 options, including tagging the property, notes, taking a pic, skip tracing (before saving the property)...it has proven to be a little dangerous.

Once pic is taken/not taken - next should be Property Detail or Next Property. MUCH BIGGER BUTTONS. FEWER CHOICES. 1 hand, thumbs

Under consideration Driver Features Maps/ Driving Routes Suggested by: Ryan Garrison Upvoted: 30 Jun Comments: 2

Comments: 2

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