A change is status should automatically be a push notification to the drive of the lead

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To keep our property finders engaged with the lead they submitted, we are currently emailing them if it is accepted/not accepted and email them status updates (not contact, contact, etc.) every few weeks.

We would be grateful if when we changed the status of a lead the property finder (drivers in profit drive), will automatically get a push notification in their app.
This will help make it not so labor intensive because they can look in the app for status updates.

Specifically related to "unqualified property", in addition to my push notification request we would like the option to send back feedback on why the unqualified property was not accepted

Please see screenshot of the status field I am referring to. And please see screenshots of the manual emails sent currently, so you can get insight into how labor intensive this process is. (just noticed we can only add one image at a time. I will try to add other screenshots referenced in the comment section when this gets approved)

Under consideration Driver Features Leads Notifications Suggested by: Bria Johnson Upvoted: 08 Sep, '20 Comments: 1

Comments: 1

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